Our Words…

The best part of our job is seeing a brick and mortar building become a home. Getting to know the people we am working with brings a sense of purpose and satisfaction that few jobs can offer. Learning their stories, their goals and meeting family members makes the experience significant. We often have the opportunity to see people in the best times of their lives, taking that step into owning their next dream home or the investment purchase that they have planned and longed for.  These shared experiences build a bond that often last a lifetime.  Single Family Homes, New Homes, Commercial investments, Multi-Family Units and Apartment complexes all represent someone’s dream and accomplishments. 

Our Broker’s Opinion

“The Beere Estate Team plays to win for their clients.  Their team & vendors simply share the same goal David Beere envisions.  The Beere Estate Team’s vision and desire for all to work together and towards the same goal produces optimal results for the team and their clients. They feels respect for, and by, their integrity and commitment to the goal. Their clients (past and current) will testify that they embody the desire for everyone to be confident in their decision making, thus producing results in everyone’s favor. Their impressive, direct communication exudes their natural authority,  which can be intense for some, but brings a sense of reassurance that they knows what they are doing in this profession.”